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The First Openly _______ ??

Feb 14,’14:  Another threshold of implied bigotry has been crossed in America.  This Missouri Football player announces he “is gay”.  Barack Obama.... JFK (first Catholic POTUS) .....  Jackie Robinson of course..... Lee Elder.... Danica Patrick.... trailblazing pioneers taking “one giant leap for.....”

It got me to thinking.  In our lifetime, will we see an openly Conservative Major College CHANCELLOR ??

AND.... we shine a spotlight on BullyBarber’s church people ..... KABOOM!

Liberals are vociferously aggressive at grabbing control of anything and everything they can.  Hijacking “words” is an especially curious penchant of theirs.   How did “gay” come to mean homosexual?   I am old enough to recall when “gay” meant festive, happy, cheerful, etc.   Then VOILA one day.....

It became a synonym for homosexual.   Was there a referendum on that or just “an Executive Order”?

When the Univ of Virginia alma mater was written I doubt “homosexual” was on anyone’s minds with .....

“We come from old Virginia, where all is bright and gay
Let’s all join hands and give a yell for the dear old UVA. “

Over the years their rivals over in Blacksburg probably had fun with that.  Like the bottom-feeder faction among NCStaters who giggle as they write “Tar Holes”.   Should NC State AD Debbie Yow publicly object to that?  Oh well....

So much for today’s lesson in colloquial semantics.

So will we EVER see an openly Conservative Chancellor/President at a major mainstream university?   I am qualifying that because, obviously, we do have Conservatives running private universities such as Liberty, Hillsdale, Wheaton, Bob Jones, etc.

Since big universities are huge businesses and many consume A LOT of taxpayer dollars, shouldn’t “business management skills” trump political ideology when selecting a CEO?   

Is the ability to understand a P&L and analyze ROI and “manage a very complicated enterprise employing 1,000s of people” not seen as important as “leading a candlelight vigil” and “empathizing” and “getting a tingle down ones leg when a big-shot lib politician / activist visits campus”.  I’m just asking.

I’m not discounting the need for touchy-feely types within a university hierarchy, as young people can be fragile works in progress for sure.   But maybe the CEO should be a more pragmatic big-picture kinda personality.

So, will we see a Conservative CEO at a major mainstream university any time soon?   He or she will have to climb over a mountain of dead bodies of wacky nutjob faculty loons to get there.   Sounds like a win-win situation to me.


A number of you are confused by the “Religio” part of this Religio-Political assault being led by Bully Barber and his motley mini-mob.   Confusing you is a key tactic in their assault.

They want you to believe that mainstream churches (the Billy Graham and King James’ type) are in league with Bully’s Gang.  That is NOT the case at all.  "Those kind of churches" take that separation of church & state seriously.  If they don't, the hypocrical media (The N&O) go ballistic. 

The churchy people you see hovering around Bully are from what is euphemistically referred to as progressive (radical-liberal) sects.   Raleigh’s Pullen Baptist and Chapel Hill’s Olin T. Binkley Baptist are the two most well-known in the Triangle area. 

A list is available here – LINK.

Many of these are UCC .... United Church of Christ.
They consider themselves untouchable by church-state separation restrictions because.....????  They just DO.  The same "just because" liberals always use.... knowing their media co-horts will never call them out.

These sects see The Bible like Obama sees The US Constitution.... as an Etch-A-Sketch that they can turn upside down and completely redo to suit ever-evolving socio-cultural agendas. 

YOWSA... is THAT an incredible simile or what! ..... "they see The Bible as an Etch-A-Sketch...."

If you prefer The Bible as a Handbook For Situational Ethics you might consider joining one of these sects.  

The Ten Commandments are “Ten Suggestions” and most of the key individuals you learned about in Sunday School are, in their version, gay, black, vegetarian, environmentalists and pro-abortion.... who knew?

UNC legend Dean Smith fell under the theological tutelage of Olin T. Binkley’s messianic founder – Robert Seymour.   To paraphrase Seymour – the Bible is a fine book of suggestions on living one’s life.  But those two parts about the Virgin Birth and Resurrection are really not that big a deal.  (YIKES!) 

Ergo, Christmas and Easter are not “big deals” with the Binkley folks.  That phrase don’t build a church for Easter Sunday did not apply to OTB.

The Robert Seymour of Pullen Baptist was the late W.W. Finlator.   The folks at The N&O LOVE ol’ Bill Finlator.   The folks at The N&O don’t like Billy Graham at all.... but LOVE Finlator and, of course, LOVE Reverend BullyBarber.

Binkley and Pullen folk, and their ilk, are first and foremost into progressive (extremist liberal) politics and “social justice”.  I’m not sure what those terms mean.  I suggest you ask one of’em.  Be prepared for some first-class sanctimonious gobbledygook.  VERY sanctimonious.  I’ve found “these people” to be VERY VERY sanctimonious.

The only "sin" they recognize is "voting Republican".... and Rush Limbaugh is their concept of Satan.   FWIW.... finding a heterosexual male minister at one of these “progressive (radical liberal) churches” is getting darn near impossible.

We will talk more about BullyBarber and his Churchy mob in later commentaries.

The Most Gullible Targets of Religio-Political Demagogues:
(1) The uneducated; and (2) The grossly over-educated "elite".
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Ben in MO
Patriotism may be the last refuge of the scoundrel, but Religion must be one of the first. So-called churches like the Westboro Baptist Church use their pulpit to spew hatred and vitriol, while taking advantage of the tax exemption. I'm not as familiar with the NC versions, but we hear a lot about WBC out here in MO, especially since we have a large Veterans' Cemetery here. They apparently are still unaware of the New Testament, since they take most of their "theology" from the Old Testament. Maybe taxes should only be exempt on the parts of church funding that actually go to charitable works, and not for "building funds", etc. I bet that would cut down on the number of sects.

AP: The MSM likes to imply that Westboro is "right-wing" and Tea Party connected which is absolutely NOT true. The Westboro founder is an AlGore acquaintance.
2/17/2014 2:10:41 AM

Former GOP Indiana Gov Mitchell E. Daniels is the President of Purdue.

In his tenure as Gov, he even had the liberal Dems talking about the horrors of Daylight Savings Time -- Mitch finally got Indiana to go along with that DST thing, and the Dems were sure the cows would stop milk or something.

Mind you, Mitch caught crap early on for his failure to see the genius in left-wing historian Howard Zinn's works, but that was quickly forgotten when he froze Purdue's tuition and feeds 'cause "it's the right thing to do."

Come to think of it -- Mitch not only broke the conservative barrier, but the "I didn't come from the PhD university thing" barrier. Double Jackie awards here?

AP: Go Boilermakers !! NCSU's Chancy Randy came from Purdue. He seems sort of OK. 58 WolfKennell likes him which is scary.
2/15/2014 5:25:17 PM

I think that most people are more interested in how the football or basketball program is doing. Most can name the football or basketball coach but few would be able to name the Chancellor. Or even spell Chancellor. I did get it right didn't I?

My great granddaddy fought at Chancellorsville. That's why I am familiar with Chancellors.

AP: You did get it right. I agree about "most people". And most people at UNC can't spell Doherty or Guthridge.
2/15/2014 6:45:29 AM

My experience with these radical lib "sects" is they have their extreme agenda then find a verse of scripture they can twist like a pretzel to support their radical self-serving POV.

AP: Yes. That is exactly what they do. Like Jim Jones, Bakker and various others did.

At least Hubbard and his Scientology came up with their own bible.
2/14/2014 4:58:58 PM

re: Debbie Yow and "Tar Holes" .... since Frau Yow was AD at Maryland when F-bombs were included in official student cheers, I doubt you will hear a peep out of her on this.

AP: That is a very safe bet. I included that JUST to stir up my Wuff readers. :-)
2/14/2014 2:05:29 PM

Frank Linstreet
I know a few of the Binkley people. They are most definitely "political" first and "religious" as an after-thought.

Our country's "Freedom of Religion" does extend to letting these nutjobs worship whatever way they please. And letting me think they are nutz.

AP: Yes. They can and you can, at least here you can think/say that.

I have no problem with them doing what they do how they do it. I just like to let other folks know who/what they are/do. The media prefers you not know.
2/14/2014 1:41:56 PM

As too with "Predominantly African American" universities. A caucasian person is not a consideration. Can you see the howl if a predominantly white university ruled out anyone of color? I know you must be somewhat kind in your comentaries but, to me these people are simply full of sh**.

AP: I don't think I've ever been accused of being "somewhat kind in my commentaries". :-)
2/14/2014 1:27:19 PM

THANK YOU for identifying these "progressive sects" that masquerade as traditional churches.

The media does everything it can to disguise who they actually are.... hard-core lib radicals.

AP: You're welcome. Have you forwarded this column to ten of your friends? Why not?
2/14/2014 12:54:13 PM

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