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Bully's "Logistician" was... A Goodmon Stooge!!

Feb 14,’14:  This is just Too Good(mon) to be true.   BullyBarber is now and forever linked with that 80-100,000 crap as proof of his 100% BS-ity.  This sanctimonious gasbag masquerading as a self-styled People’s Prophet is coming apart like a cardboard suitcase in a rainstorm.

A Bully’s posse member said last Saturday that “a logistical expert” calculated those bogus numbers?  Guess who it was – Peter Anlyan - a career midlevel-manager for our favorite Limo Liberal Jim Goodmon.   Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy....... how ooey-gooey is this?

I know Peter.  He deserves better than to be forever yoked to this careening trainwreck.  Peter was a producer for WRAL Capitol Broadcasting for years then was GM for the Bulls when Goodmon purchased the team.   Now he is “a corporate consultant” (wink, wink) with clients supplied by sugar daddy Jim.

I was involved in a promotional event with Peter about 20 years ago.  He was a quite decent guy back then.  That was waaaay before Jim (& Barbara) Goodmon woke up one morning with terminal limo liberal guilt.   Back in those days, Jim Goodmon was so non-political he banned all political bumper stickers from his CBC employee parking lot.   THAT Jim Goodmon is dead and buried.

Like I say..... a lifetime ago; since Jim & Barbara are now North Carolina #1 Limo-Liberal / Obama & Bill Barber Lovin’ couple.   Thru their A.J. Fletcher Foundation the Goodmons funnel millions of bucks to assorted radical left-wing organizations like Blueprint NC.... and now, we learn, they also supply BullyBarber with one of their guys – Peter Anlyan - to run PR interference for Bully’s on-going flim flams.

As November nears, Jim Goodmon is intensifying his rabid attacks on every Conservative / registered Republican in North Carolina.  He, and his wife, are "on a mission" to defeat anyone who doesn't think like they do.  Think about THAT as you watch WRAL.

I'm guessing Laura Leslie and Mark Binker were not available.  Both having permanent assignments from Goodmon to dig thru Governor McCrory's, Thom Tillis', and Phil Berger's dumpsters.

That Jim Goodmon's media organization is overwhelmingly partisan to BullyBarber's mobfests is well-known.  That The N&O broke this story about Peter Anlyan being Bully's "numbers guy" IS a story in itself.   Is there dissension 'twixt local lib media partners?

It was Peter Anlyan’s mystery math that pulled “80-100,000” out of thin air.  A number guaranteed to impress anyone who doesn’t know what a one-dimensional sham BullyBarber is.   That means the national media that sucked up that bogus number like hungry bass after rubber worms.   

Satellite photos and for-real crowd counting techniques show Peter was only off by 400%.  15-20,000 is what assorted impartial scientific counts are coming up with.   

I am not “impartial”.   But I did give Bully the benefit of the doubt with 30,000 in my first article on this foolishness.  Only off by 400%.... LOL LOL LOL LOL!!  Damn Peter, that ain't even "close enuff for guvmint work".

I really did hate to learn that Jim Goodmon sunk Peter Anlyan neck-deep in Barber's Religio-Political crapola.

I just hope Peter was well-paid by Goodmon for selling him his soul.

The Most Gullible Targets of Religio-Political Demagogues:
(1) The uneducated; and (2) The grossly over-educated "elite".
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Unaffiliated Voter
hilariously funny article! WRAL needs another Jesse Helms!

AP: Br'er Goodmon is bored, and spoiled and feeling quite guilty from a life of silver spoonitry. Now he has hisself a for-real "mission".
2/17/2014 7:02:18 AM

From the Kung-Fu series:

Disciple Caine: Master Po, how many are at the demonstration?
Master Po: How can I know, Grasshopper, when I cannot see?
Disciple Caine: But you call yourself a logistician and are quoted as an expert?
Master Po: Ah, Grasshopper, you have much to learn. When the money is right the numbers can be fudged. They knew the number they wanted and I knew the number I wanted. Now run along Grasshopper and get me a latte.
Disciple Caine: Master, can I try to snatch the grasshopper from your hand?
Master Po: Nah, the Rev ate it.

AP: I can see Goodmon as a sinister Fu Manchu and Bully as "Oddjob".

To reduce this foolishness to TV/cinema will REALLY bite them in the butt. I love it. :-)
2/17/2014 6:51:24 AM

Jim Goodmon has no shame or professional ethics. Why doesn't he lose his FCC license for such blatant abuse of his media privileges?

AP: Which branch of The Obama Administration do you propose would do that??? :-)

It is more likely that Obama or Eric Holder would send him a box of cookies and an "Attaboy Jim" card.
2/16/2014 9:38:29 PM

Kinda off topic... I was at the Raleigh Home Show today. N&O was trying to get me to subscribe, or at least take a free paper. I refused either.

The said that they'd had recent staff changes, and I asked if that included editorial staff. After thinking about it, they decided that changes might sorta be happening on that one, and that I should subscribe 'cause change was coming.

I told 'em that the editorial staff was leftist even by McClatchy standards, and they said, "Yeah, we get that kind of comment a lot...."

Oh, and the same people told me they were reconsidering the paywall. Of course, they just told me that they were reconsidering their editorial slant, soooo...

AP: Those poor souls in those N&O kiosks catch all sorts of hell from a lot of people... like The N&O crap is THEIR fault.

Be nice.
2/15/2014 5:28:24 PM

bobby poon
The numbers they use are a reasonable estimate if you use "Common Core" methods of math estimation.

I don't know how far David Webb and Shawn Hannity are going to get but Hannity says he will not stop until the NAACP condemns Barber for his statements concerning Sen. Scott.Which should be when Hell freezes over.

Barber must be loving the attention and I suppose he is planning on taking over the NC Dem party which gives him a "Bully" platform with a roof over it and several sock puppets.

Don't you know Cooper et al are meeting with Gary Pearce and Jim Hunt trying to figure this one out.The train has left the station with a 400lb bull aboard.You reap what you sow.

AP: Barber feels he is bulletproof and he IS... so long as he has media protection. That could change if the NCDem "old guard" Hunt, Cooper et al want it to.

Barber is a comic pawn that forces far stronger than he are using to their benefit.
2/15/2014 9:42:08 AM

You are right. I knew Peter "back in the day" too and he was "a good guy"; but so was Goodmon back then.

Those days are long gone. Goodmon is on a mission and destroying Peter's credibility is just collateral damage. :-(

AP: Well said.
2/14/2014 8:43:14 PM

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