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Meet Kim Strach. North Carolina's "Van Helsing".

  April 4,’14:   I will be VERY impressed if you recognize the name Kim Strach.   You would have to be (1) an NC state government administration “wonk” or (2) “a Strach”.... or (3) someone who enjoys treking about in the Great Dismal Swamp of “the campaign / election bizness”.

Most of you likely don’t recognize the name “Van Helsing” either.   Peter Cushing and Hugh Jackman portrayed Bram Stoker’s legendary Vampire Hunter on-screen.

Internet history being made here as I, AgentPierce, connect  that purty little lady over in the Elections office  to Van Helsing - The Scourge of The Undead aka BullyBarber’s mob-minions.  Grab a crucifix and some garlic and....

READ ON.  If you dare.   bwahahaha!

I could compare Kim Strach to Buffy The Vampire Slayer.... but (1) that would be sexist and (2) Kim Strach is soooo much tougher than Buffy.

The phrase Kim Strach's office announced today that ..... causes uncontrolled urine flow in the pants of every Democrat elected official from Murphy To Manteo.  I dream of one day being as universally FEARED by Democs as Kim is.  This Steel Magnolia KICKS BUTT.... that, coincidentally, is quite often crooked Democ butt.

Kim Strach first came to my attention in 2007 when as “an investigator” for the State Board of Elections (SBE), she uncovered a rat's nest of nefarious malfeasance (aka “blatantly illegal crap”) involving a prominent (?) member of the Democratic Black Caucus within the NC General Assembly.  Mary McAllister (D) was the perp de jour.

If you immediately connect “a rat's nest of malfeasance” to “member of the Black Caucus” and say “well DUH!”; then you pay attention to State Government and can find Jones Street.   You are to be commended.

Mary was a real pieca work.  She was running a very profitable (for her and her son) “non-profit” flim flam.   Operating “highly profitable” non-profits is a popular scam that the Basnight-Rand-Hackney-Easley-Dumplin Cabal encouraged for the AfAm members of their legislative gang.    Reparational Payback as part of Operation Kunte Kinte.

Kunte Kinte ??  Oh come on..... Levar Burton, Chicken George, Alex Haley, ROOTS, et al.   If I have to provide subtitles, I’ll never get this done.

Operation Kunte KinteBlacks (AfAms, whatever) can pretty much get away with anything ‘cause their ancestors were slaves and slavery was a very bad thing.   All those horrible years under Simon Legree’s whip kept them from learning right from wrong so it’s not fair to expect this current generation (or any future generations) to "know any better".

Yes, you can relate this to The Mess In Mecklenburg if you are so inclined.  It's easy to do so.

The counter to this fascinating bit of partisan il-logic begs the question: and they never will “know any better”.... but who cares so long as they vote (as often as possible) for Democrats.  

Democrat Party leadership treating Blacks/AfAms like mushrooms is certainly a Hate Crime and arguably a Crime Against Humanity but don’t expect that to change any time soon or later.

“like mushrooms” ?? ...... “keep’em in the dark and feed’em bu****it”.   Using “entitlements” like Ritalin to keep’em just functional enough to keep voting Democrat; but not aware enough to see how they are being used.   This isn’t rocket surgery, folks.

Back to Kim Strach.  When Kim exposed and subsequently, busted The McAllister Caper she scared the bejebbers out of Ms Mary’s cohorts in the Dem Black Caucus.   They all started hiding their profitable “non-profits” under extra layers of flatulence.   Most of’em still exist today.   A reparational right granted them by Basnight.... Dumplin’ et al.

Kim can not bust’em UNLESS she receives an Official complaint.  That’s the rule.

Back then Kim was working for some GOBs (Good Ol’ Boys) put in place at the State Board of Elections over decades of Democ strangle-holding.   Jim Hunt DNA was all over that office.  As Repubs started gaining power the GOB rats at SBE saw the inevitable closing of their little candy store.    They skedaddled before the SWAT team arrived to kick their doors in.   ...... dust clears and Kim The Crusader was SBE Director.   Proving that sometimes Truth & Justice IS The American Way.

Unless your only news source is a McClatchy newspaper or a Jim Goodmon-owned media operation; you know that Kim / Van Helsing drove another stake thru the itty bitty pitch-black hearts of the Democs earlier this week.

LINK to Massive Voter Fraud Exposed in NC

The immediate mainstream media reaction to the report was:  if we totally ignore this and/or bury it on Page 8 with the soybean report, none of our lemming will find out about this.    So that’s exactly what they did..... SURPRISE!

Rev BullyBillyBarber aka “The Mardi Gras Float with feet”..... aka “The Enormous Ebony Elmer Gantry”, immediately dove under his desk curling into a fetal position.  Take a moment to dwell on that image. I’ll wait.

Seeing that his media cronies (McClatchy, Goodmon, N&R etc) were going to bury any mention of the scathing report..... BullyBill emerged three days after the report’s release employing the Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus Defense.

Recall Virginia’s daddy verified Santa's existence by saying: If you read it in The Sun (Baltimore newspaper) then it must be so.   Since Bully had NOT "read it" in the N&O or on WRAL’s website, he adamantly decreed The Voter Fraud Report was “NOT so..... because if it is my whole Morality Mob scam goes Poof.

If you are still confused about Operation Kunte Kinte, this action / reaction by RevBully might further confuse you.   Bully is counting on that.   I’ve been tracking Ol’ Bully long enough to have predicted his response as soon as I read the report from Kim’s office.

Bully is very very particular about what he feeds to his mushroom mob.   No way Bully is letting them know about this.

The Man Who Would Be Pontiff (of NC Dems) might look outrageous and appear kinda stoopid.  He does (look outrageous).... but he’s not (stoopid).  He is a very cagey ol’ rascal and, like every snake oil merchant, he absolutely knows his territory (his target market).

I know what some of you are thinking.  How come Kim Strach’s office keeps exposing DEMOCRAT felonious flim flaming as regards campaign and voting illegalities.

For the same reason Willie Sutton robbed banks..... “that’s where the money (felonious malfeasance) is.”

..... and for the same reason Dr Van Helsing stalked vampires. 
They are a threat to our society and somebody’s got to take’em down.

Get’em Kim.
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If you strike the king (or vampire), you must kill 'em.

I hope that not only is the evidence solid, but all of the spin avenues were long ago closed prior to publication of the accusation.

AP: Kim is pretty darn thorough in her investigations.... but Bully and his bunch will forever deny deny deny. It is their nature and SOP.

4/5/2014 5:25:51 PM

Im trying to imagine a desk large enuf for Rev BBB. How does one get in fetal position if he cant see his shoes? Wonder if EEEG could have gotten several of those stolen LG tvs from the Dem Convention in Charlotte inside his jacket? Your Cards beat my Reds 2 out of 3 already. Lookin good for your season!

AP: I figured visualizing EEEG curled up in a fetal position would present some "how could he do that" concerns. And, yes, it would require a rather large desk.

Cards begin post-David Freese Era. Hopefully it will go as smoothly as post-Albert Era has been.

4/5/2014 8:56:47 AM

NC expat
It'll be interesting to see what circumstances are for the 700+ folks who's names, birthdates, and last four digits of their ss# appeared to vote in multiple locations. I hope they publish the names of those who can be shown to have actually caste the votes themselves. I know what I think is appropriate for someone who steals my vote.

AP: Pretty sure that won't be happening. The only time personal data is released is when it benefits psycho liberals to harass us.

4/5/2014 8:27:00 AM

Kim Strach is tenacious at going after corrupt Dems to be sure, but she does she pursue corrupt GOP candidates with the same vigor? Will Rep. Brian Brown's campaign finance get the attention it deserves or will she wave him through?

AP: Very fair and important question. From what I've observed and from the observations of others, Kim is an equally-tenacious pursuer of Truth and Justice regardless of party.

BUT.... since this is 2014 and R and Ds agree on absolutely nothing, I'm sure Lib/Dems will disagree.

I am not familiar with the case you mention. Keep us updated as it proceeds thru the SBE system.

4/4/2014 9:43:11 PM

I've known Kim Strach for years and was thrilled when she was hired as SBOE Director

AP: Me too. And she is FAIR and will come down on anyone who violates the rules. NC needs MORE KIM STRACHs.

4/4/2014 4:06:30 PM

AP, you have enough obscure references in this one to give Dennis Miller a migraine. I cannot imagine tackling your columns without Google handy.

AP: My ultimate goal is one obscure reference per sentence. The guys at my preferred SE - Bing don't think I can pull it of. I accept that challenge.

18th century Norwegian satirists are a favorite resource. Those guys were a hoot.

4/4/2014 3:31:17 PM

AP, you did intend the reference to "undead" as appropos to so many Dem voters still voting long AFTER their reported deaths ?

AP: OF COURSE that was implied. I simply refuse to explain every sly nuance in these columns.

If you find them yourself it means so much more.

4/4/2014 1:51:42 PM

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