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Raleigh's Limo Liberal Enclave

Jan 21,'15:  I love the word “enclave”.  The N&O’s journo-weasels used “enclave” in their clumsy efforts to slur “rich white people” during their pathetically embarrassing Duke Lacrosse Scandal coverage.  “Gated” and “golf course” often accompany “enclave”.

Are “gated enclaves” for “rich white people driving SUVs” = “the projects” for those wearing “hoodies” and “do-rags” and “dreads”?   Who makes these socio-ethnic rules?

DO YOU KNOW that Raleigh has its very own “enclave”?  No gates but it does have a designer golf course.  It is very very predominantly "white" with lots of SUVs.  A single “hoodie" in that ‘hood would give its residents a case of the vapors.   It’s inhabitants are - Raleigh’s Limo Liberal Elite.

Need I say READ MORE?   I bet you can't wait to.....
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Posted: January 30, 2015 | with 0 comments

The Next UNC System Prez Will Be _______ !

Jan 16,’15:  Some folks think the aroma of fresh Krispy Kremes is “divine”.   My personal definition of “Dee-vine” is the sound of liberals heads exploding from sheer unmitigated consternation / constipation.

Today we learned that UNC Board of Governors Prez Tom Ross is now UNC BOG “Lame Duck” Prez.   No surprise at all.  Ross’ ouster has been “in the works” for at least a year.   Giving him a year to gum up the works is troubling but .....

Can I be the first to formally predict The Next UNC System Grand Poobah will be:
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Posted: January 16, 2015 | with 6 comments

Wrestle-Mania Amid The Pines

Jan 16,’15:   SURPRISE!!  There’s another Battle Royal waging over at The Flagship.   This one does not involve semi-literate jocks or even muslims.   This week’s Wrestle-Mania amid the pines has UNC’s controversial wrestling coach C.D. Mock versus UNC’s Ever-Angry She-Nazis.   A lot of screeching and name-calling is going on.

You might have seen / heard this story for various reasons.

(1)    Pretty much anything that happens over at UNC-CH is news-worthy “because”......
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Posted: January 16, 2015 | with 2 comments

Happy New Year BULLY BARBER!

Jan 12,’15:  One of my 2015 resolutions was to comment less about Reverend William “Bully” Barber and more about legitimate issues and people that actually matter in North Carolina and America.    

That lasted twelve days and then SPLATT! – Ol’ Bully done done it AGAIN.   THE Largest Flaming Hypocrite In Wayne County is spewing AGAIN.....
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Posted: January 12, 2015 | with 4 comments

The Story was "Rush Said".... It Always Is

Jan 7,’15:  Surely you Heard About It.  Everybody heard about it.  It made the IntergalacticNewsNetwork. If Santa's sleigh had been hijacked by Nick Saban dressed as Taylor Swift - That would have been 2nd to THE #1 STORY of This Christmas..... Rush Limbaugh & The Black Bond! 

KABOOM!  The Drive-by Media Universe went en fuego.  It was AWESOME, Baby!

It was a throw-away blurb from Rush’s famous Stack o’ Stuff.  But it was El Rushbo’s stack o’ stuff and that made it an ALLCAPS BFD.  Going into his 26th year as THE #1 Quotable Personality on The Planet.
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Posted: January 07, 2015 | with 5 comments

N&O's Pitiful Ploy For Christian Readers... Fails

Dec 27,’14:  It is getting desperate at McClatchy’s Regional HQ in Raleigh.   You heard, of course, they are trying to sell that Downtown Raleigh HQ.  Massive downsizing over the past decade have it half empty.  

It that wasn’t enough, earlier this week Executive Editor John Drescher made a pitiful attempt to reattract the paper’s long-lost “Christian readers”.    That God-hatin' atheist reader/advertiser market never quite materialized for'em.  Go figger.
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Posted: December 27, 2014 | with 9 comments
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