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VIDEOs! So America needs Videos in order to...

Sept 12,’14:   The American IQ is sinking faster and farther than an anvil tossed into The Mariana’s Trench.  We as a collective nation apparently need “a video” to grasp the concept of a man beating up a woman.  

There are few acts of humankind more brutally savage and uncomplicated than a man using his fists to beat up a woman.  “Why” might justify a library of psychological treatises.  The act itself is as mechanically uncomplex as it can be.  It predates the wheel and fire.

It is 2014.  High profile powerful executives can say Oh, NOW I ‘get’ the concept of what he (Ray Rice) did”.    America needed a “video” to grasp that concept.   OK America.... grasp THIS ONE.

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Posted: September 12, 2014 | with 5 comments

"Those Failing McClatchy Newspapers"

Sept 7,’14:  OK you self-righteous, self-absorbed pointy-headed jackasses, two can play this stoopid little game.  

The “suits” at “the failing McClatchy newspaper in Charlotte” have decreed that they will no longer mention a certain Washington NFL team by its team name.  That “R-word”. ..... That is “news” on a level of the latest “bucket challenge” is news.    Yawn... snort.... burp.

I have no strong opinion about The Redskins Controversy.  Keep it – Change it.... I really don’t care.   I could argue either side of that debate.   But I do have zip – zero - nada respect for the self-righteous, self-absorbed pointy-headed jackasses who operate failing McClatchy newspapers in both Charlotte and Raleigh.

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Posted: September 07, 2014 | with 2 comments

Arnie, it ain't your Wake Forest any more.... sigh

Sept 5,’14:  Is your pristine image of Wake Forest College that tree-lined campus in Northern Wake County where Arnold Palmer played golf in the 50s.... Peahead Walker coached football.... that relocated to Winston-Salem in 1956 with Bones McKinney et al.  Oh, and all those trite stereotypes about strict Southern Baptist “thou shalt nots”?

That definitely is NOT the Wake Forest of 2014 by any stretch of a imagination.  Unless its Stephen King’s imagination.   Commissar Nathan Hatch is rapidly turning that once proud institution into the ultimate devil’s den of very very left-wing radicalism.  And it may already be too late to save it.

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Posted: September 05, 2014 | with 8 comments

My Official Lo2E Column

Aug 25,’14:  These days you can’t swing a dead cat on Facebook without hitting disgruntled Conservative / Repubs spewing their wrath towards a certain US Senate candidate initials TT... vowing to “show’em by golly” by voting for (fill in name of X, Y or Z write-in candidate).   

I am compelled therefore to post AgentPierce’s Official “Lesser of Two Evils” commentary.

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Posted: August 25, 2014 | with 11 comments

An Amos & Andy Revival

Aug 8,’14:  Hop aboard the Wayback Machine and lets go way back 50+ years to the 50s-early 60s.   There was a TV show that was adapted from a popular radio show of the 50s.

It is said that "the more things change, the more they stay the same".... Amos & Andy ARE BACK .....

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Posted: August 06, 2014 | with 8 comments

EVERYTHING Is Political!

Aug 06, '14:   I've been wrestling with a concept for some time that I wanted to share with you.  That concept being the whine about "hating politics" and then a clumsy explanation of "what constitues an issue being 'political' ".  Your local media left-wing toadies, of course, define Politics = "anything those eeeevil Republicans yell about".

Rather than me try to elucidate this, today I'm turning over this hallowed website to a fellow provocateur of some renown. .   This is a first for AgentPierceSaid.   It's a bit longer than usual.... but worth the extra few minutes it will take you.   Enjoy.....

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Posted: August 06, 2014 | with 0 comments
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