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A Deal 4 You Tillis-Hating REAL Conservatives

Oct 29,’14:  All you Tillis-Hatin’ REAL CONSERVATIVES, I appreciate your  determination to convince all us Not As Real As You Conservatives that only you embody the spirit of the Original Minutemen.  You and your band 'o buddies are Incredible Americans.   Praise God and pass the ammunition.....

I don’t like Karl Rove at all.  I don’t care for Mitch McConnell or John Boehner or Lindsey Graham or John McCain or Richard Burr..... yuck, ptui.  Given the opportunity I would certainly tweak Thom Tillis hard on some issues where he is confused.   You and me, we are simpatico.   Capice?

All you REAL Conservatives, AgentPierce has such a deal for you....

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Posted: October 29, 2014 | with 25 comments

Deborah Crowder & The N&O - Two Peas In a Pod

Oct 28,’14:   The name “Deborah Crowder” has transcended the borders of UNC’s “Great Unpleasantness”.   Deborah is now a mainstream Scandal Diva joining Rielle Hunter and Crystal Mangum as punchlines to endless jokes.

While McClatchy’s area newspapers worked frantically to minimize (“hide”) the transgressions of both Ms Hunter and Ms Mangum, they may wish to actively promote the 18 years of malfeasances perpetrated by Ms Crowder.   What Deborah Did is actually no different that what McClatchy’s reporters / columnists have been doing for decades

This gets a bit convoluted so follow closely.....
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Posted: October 28, 2014 | with 7 comments

The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations at UNCCH

Oct 23,’14:  “Socio Cultural / Academic Hypocrisy Uncovered over in Chapel Hill”.  YIKES!!  Whats next – “Coal Uncovered in New Castle” .....  “Political Corruption in Chicago” ?   

BobLee has THE definitive (and quite hilarious) piece on this Fiasco on Franklin Street as expected - LINK.   To lurk in the shadow of BL’s awesome insight is an honor in itself.  Allow me this humble observation.    

The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations was coined in a 2000 speech to the NAACP by none other than George W. Bush .   If you’re not familiar with the term, now you will be.   The phrase NAILS this latest arrogant scallywaggetry in Old Well Land.....

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Posted: October 23, 2014 | with 9 comments

Media Weasels REALLY Don't Like Me.... plus

Oct 20,'14: I have this terrific piece about "Rules For Liberals" to share with you.... But First....

I was at this highly partisan political fundraiser recently.  Me and "Lt Dan" Forest were the celebrity star power in the room.  "Lt Dan" is a VERY cool dude.  His political future is ahead of him for sure. ..... Anyhoo, I was working the crowd and got into a confab with a lobbyist kinda guy.

This fellow is a long time fan of both this website and BobLee's.  He has GREAT taste in Internet smart-alecks, huh?  His biz requires him to move amongst the regional media weasels on a regular basis.  Yuck!  So he tells me "AgentPierce, you do know that........

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Posted: October 20, 2014 | with 3 comments

Kolchak Hits Another Homer

Oct 17,’14:  When did I first nickname him “Kolchak”?  It might have been when he exposed John Edwards’ lavish “compound”.... or maybe it was when he exposed the Mary Easely Mess @ NCSU.... or maybe it was “Dumplin & AirBuzzy”......  or..... or....

Carolina Journal’s intrepid Don “Kolchak” Carrington is a veritable Van Helsing to NC’s spider’s nest of Left-wing blood-sucking evil-doers, flim flamers and scallywags.  Well, he just DID IT AGAIN!   
Give’em Hell “Kolchak”! ......“Kolchak” ???   “Van Helsing” ???   Whatchutalkin’bout Pierce?

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Posted: October 17, 2014 | with 4 comments

You Are NOT Alone!

Oct 16,’14:  How on God’s Green Earth (yes, it’s still His, and the ACLU can’t sue Him to take it away from Him) do we Conservatives EVER win elections..... EVER have any voice in how America is governed?   

If you “believe” anything one reads / hears on so-called mainstream media, then you know “we” are the vilest, lyingest, no-count, sorriest, dumbest, SOBs to ever walk on two legs or possess opposable thumbs.  But somehow “we” have indeed managed to win “some” elections in recent years.  Go Figger!

If you believe anything you read or hear in the mainstream media then you ARE as stoopid as they say you are.

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Posted: October 16, 2014 | with 2 comments
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