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UNC-BOG Expose: Season Finale.... maybe

April 15,’14:  In what might be the exciting Season Finale of our widely-acclaimed peek into the mysterious world of the UNC Board of Governors, we muse rhetorically on how the success (or lack) of this august body is gauged.   

Our previous segments on “The BOG” have generated curiosity, acclaim and criticism.  That trifecta means we have provided a darn accurate appraisal.  We have ruffled a few feathers thru either defending the BOG or criticizing it.  Both have been warranted, we move on.....

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Posted: April 15, 2014 | with 21 comments | Tagged as: UNC

Is THIS The Face / Voice Of UNC ???

April 13,’14:  Regular viewers of this website might recognize THIS face.  It is “Mean” Gene Nichol – bombastic blowhard extraordinaire – regular contributor to McClatchy’s N&O – fired president of William & Mary – former partner of John Edwards in the Poverty Center Scam – virulent opponent of all things Conservative / Republican – AND Distinguished Professor of Law at the UNC School of Law.

Is Gene Nichol also The Face / Voice of UNC...... both the UNC-CH campus & possibly the entire 16 campus system ??  If so; so what?  Recent action by Gene’s bosses at UNC.... and the oh-so-predictable knee-jerk reaction by Gene’s hard-line liberal activists comrades at The N&O have ignited this latest debate.  

Terminally self-righteous liberal snoots debating a key component of The Bill Of Rights!   Oh Goody!   I think I’ll jump in......

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Posted: April 13, 2014 | with 7 comments | Tagged as: N&O, Nichol, UNC

....These Sumb*tches Are NUTZ!

  April 11,’14:  It was an Era I have titled The Swan Song of America’s Innocence.  The World’s Pre-Eminent Super Power was on the brink of both internal and external upheaval of a degree never before endured.... Me?  I was coming of age in the semi-rural South and possessing of a curiosity capable of killing a lot of cats.

That curiosity led me to a vacant field outside my idlyllic hometown.  What I witnessed that Spring night generated a comment that I uttered for the first, but definitely not the last, time:  “..... These Sumb*tches Are Nutz!”

I was at an official rally of “da KLAN”.

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Posted: April 11, 2014 | with 4 comments | Tagged as: Barber, duke, klan

That Darn UNC-BOG.... Whazzzup?

April 7,’14:  I am on constant alert for issues that Everyone agrees are “issues”.    Finding a dozen who agree what we oughta do is about any issue is another matter.   The rare  gotta do SOMETHING abouts are sure fun to discuss.

Climate change – Nope.   Voter Fraud – Nope.    One & Dones – Nope.  

That Darn UNC-Brd of Governors IS a universal “Gotta do something” issue.

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Posted: April 07, 2014 | with 8 comments | Tagged as: UNC

Meet Kim Strach. North Carolina's "Van Helsing".

April 4,’14:   I will be VERY impressed if you recognize the name Kim Strach.   You would have to be (1) an NC state government administration “wonk” or (2) “a Strach”.... or (3) someone who enjoys treking about in the Great Dismal Swamp of “the campaign / election bizness”.

Most of you likely don’t recognize the name “Van Helsing” either.  Peter Cushing and Hugh Jackman portrayed Bram Stoker’s legendary Vampire Hunter on-screen.

Internet history being made here today as I, AgentPierce, connect  that purty little lady over in the Elections office  to the Scourge of The Undead aka BullyBarber’s mob-minions.  Grab a crucifix and some garlic and.....

READ ON.  If you dare ..... bwahahaha!
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Posted: April 04, 2014 | with 7 comments | Tagged as: Barber, Liberals

UNC BOG 101.... "Pre-New Breed"

   April 2,’14:  I do enjoy poking around The UNC Board of Governors.  The noble concept of that august body incorporates so many of the fascinating incongruities within our representative republic, especially of a socio-political nature.  Incongruities reflecting the broad spectrum of human nature.  Human nature doesn’t change, ergo much of the derm & strang involving “The UNC BOG” will not be changing within our lifetime

.... but some of it HAS changed.  Maybe more will be changing.

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Posted: April 02, 2014 | with 10 comments | Tagged as: UNC
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